Founder and owner

of the company

 Wojciech Borkowski 



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Our company was established in 2009 basing on its previous experience gained by KLIMAT WOJECIECH BOROWSKI company (since1997) and BENDIKS ZIAJKOWSKA SP.J (since1989)

We are a dynamically developing ac compressors and AC units repair specialists.

We have a broad range of available AC products. We are a direct distributor of Denso company in the area of  AC components. According to our slogan "driven by improvement", we keep improving our offer and our products.

We have clients from more than 30 different countries, not only from Europe, but also from the other parts of the world. Our 20 years experience in the area of remanufacturing and car air-condition, enables us to offer top quality products.


 Wojciech Zajkowski 

Founder and owner

of the company


Borkowski, Zajkowski

Ul. Kolejowa 117

05-092 Łomianki

+48 22 751 33 54

+48 22 873 83 03

+48 795 335 900


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