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Our company specializes in remanufacturing of AC compressors.

Thanks to our many years experience in both remanufacture and Air condition, we are able to offer top quality products.  According to our slogan "driven by improvement", every stage of our remanufacture process is optimized in order to ensure  its high quality and short time.

Every stage of the remanufacture process is monitored to provide our clients with top quality product. Testing the remanufactured products is carried out very carefully. We order spare parts used in the remanufacture process directly from manufacturers.

We run yearly audits to ensure their high quality and repetitiveness.


Borkowski, Zajkowski

Ul. Kolejowa 117

05-092 Łomianki

+48 22 751 33 54

+48 22 873 83 03

+48 795 335 900


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